Vystopia and Finding Your Best Form of Vegan Activism

The Vegan Champion Podcast shares the stories of vegans all over the world in order to learn tools and techniques to inspire vegans to tap into their own power and bring their own gifts to the world. In this interview with host Jason Fonger, Clare Mann explores how to turn vystopia into massive action for change.



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Originally published on the veganindepent.com (no longer running) You are not alone: mental health in vegans and animal activists Mental anguish is common among vegans and animal rights activists, but there is help out there. Like many vegans and animal activists, Sydneysider Lyndsay Doyle has experienced intense mental suffering relating to her veganism. Fighting pain from…

Break through your trance to break through theirs!

Phrases like, “It’s my choice what to eat!” or “Why are vegans so preachy?” fuel our vystopia because real victims are involved and most pre-vegans just aren’t getting it.  In discussion with Kate Galli of the Healthification podcast, I discuss the 8 pervasive myths or unquestioned assumptions lurking behind peoples’ resistance to change.  Most importantly, how,…