Vegans Speak Your Truth and Communicate with Impact

Have you ever felt like you needed to hold back your truth for the sake of someone else's approval? Do you struggle to communicate effectively in ways that feel like both (or multiple) perspectives are being shared and truly heard? Have you found it challenging to navigate the trends of social media and current cultural norms, while trying to find your own voice through it all?

I join Katie Kurpanek, Eco-Living Coach and Podcast Host, to share examples of effective communication within relationships. I will share "provocative" questions and thoughts that challenge both social and media norms, along with many "inconvenient truths" I have learnt over the years as a vegan psychologist.

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De-bunking Carnism Whilst Managing Your Vystopia

When you became vegan, did you get a rude shock about the world?

The discovery of systematised animal cruelty can lead to guilt, shame and anger at how this has been allowed to continue for so long. It can also lead to frustration and despair when others refuse to listen to the facts, deny the truth, and refuse to even consider change.

In this recent podcast on the UK-based Carnism Debunked platform, George Martin and Clare Mann discuss the anguish of being vegan in a non-vegan world and how to develop the tools and techniques to influence others to change whilst taking good care of our physical and psychological health.

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Check out this podcast to gain support and learn even more strategies to be a powerful voice for veganism and animal liberation.

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Do Vegans Really Suffer from Vystopia?

Alex Baier is an animal rights activist in the US who takes every opportunity to speak out for animals. When he’s not taking to the streets showing video footage to the public, or joining a vigil, he interviews people all over the world on his channel Abolition Alex about how we can act every day to bring about animal liberation.
In this episode, he explores with Clare Mann what’s really behind the anguish of being vegan and how we can overcome our vystopia through massive action for change. Topics include managing non-vegan doctors and the psychology of veganism.


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