Psychological Support for the Vegan Community

Counselling, Workshops and Solutions Training

Psychological Support for the Vegan Community

Counselling, Workshops and Solutions Training

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What is Vystopia?

Vystopia is the normal response any feeling human being should have after discovering the nature and extent of society’s systematised animal abuse. It’s fuelled by the trance-like collusion of non-vegans with a dystopian world they’ve not yet realised they’re part of.

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Is there such a thing as an ex-vegan?

When someone discovers the extent of animal abuse in society and no longer wants to contribute to it, they become vegan. One of the behaviours arising from this philosophical position is that they stop eating, wearing or using animals for entertainment, medical or other pusposes. Many people suffer from vystopia and every day they feel

Vegans Speak Your Truth and Communicate with Impact

Have you ever felt like you needed to hold back your truth for the sake of someone else’s approval? Do you struggle to communicate effectively in ways that feel like both (or multiple) perspectives are being shared and truly heard? Have you found it challenging to navigate the trends of social media and current cultural

De-bunking Carnism Whilst Managing Your Vystopia

When you became vegan, did you get a rude shock about the world? The discovery of systematised animal cruelty can lead to guilt, shame and anger at how this has been allowed to continue for so long. It can also lead to frustration and despair when others refuse to listen to the facts, deny the

Are You Tired of Trying to Change Others?

We all come into veganism through different paths – mostly ethics, health, or environmental concerns. However, once we become aware of the ethical imperative of veganism, our lives change. We see things we didn’t see before and the polarised position between veganism and carnism becomes stronger. As vegans, we have a dilemma. The more we

Do Vegans Really Suffer from Vystopia?

Alex Baier is an animal rights activist in the US who takes every opportunity to speak out for animals. When he’s not taking to the streets showing video footage to the public, or joining a vigil, he interviews people all over the world on his channel Abolition Alex about how we can act every day

Handling Being The Only Sane Person In The Room

From conspiracy theorists to extreme polarisation to dealing with Crazy Uncle Dave, sit back and enjoy a far-ranging conversation between the host of The Other Animals Radio Show and Clare Mann who explore living with and among those who haven’t yet come to terms with their own cognitive dissonance! The discussion offers creative and insightful

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The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-vegan World

Myths of Choice

Why People Won't Change & What You Can Do About It


How To Say What Needs To Be Said, When and How

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Is Psychological Counselling right for you?

Clare Mann works 1:1 with individuals and couples around the world to work through their challenges. Many of these challenges relate specifically to being vegan but not necessarily. Many need to work through more general issues related to relationships, work, self-esteem, family, past experiences etc. Most prefer to see a vegan psychologist because their difficulties take place within the experience of vystopia.

In order to decide whether 1:1 counselling is right for you, Clare offers a complimentary 20-min discussion to explore more of what is going on for you and see how specifically she can help. This may mean setting up a initial 1:1 session or pointing you in the right direction with reading, online programs or referral to another vegan practitioner.


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