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Psychological Support for the Vegan Community

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What is Vystopia?

Vystopia is the normal response any feeling human being should have after discovering the nature and extent of society’s systematised animal abuse. It’s fuelled by the trance-like collusion of non-vegans with a dystopian world they’ve not yet realised they’re part of.

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Recent Articles & Interviews

The Continuum of Awareness and How It Influences Outreach

We’re often bewildered as to why people don’t become vegan when presented with the reality of what’s happening to animals, their health and the environment.  It’s easy to conclude that people are just lazy, selfish or don’t care. However, that’s not necessary the case and this simple but profound principle called The Continuum of Awareness

Can the Pain of Vystopia Help Create a More Compassionate World?

Why is veganism increasing as a compassionate philosophy, with animal social justice being at its core? Drawing on key emotional experiences of vegans, survey data collected in 2018 and observational data from her private psychology practice, Clare Mann created the term Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non Vegan World In this article

The Sound of Freedom and the Roots of Violence

Having worked as a psychologist for over 30 years in psychiatry, homicide and private practice, I continue to discover hidden levels of violence and abuse that shocks me. What is it that enables some people to overcome abuse, while others become trapped and unable to overcome the consequences of other people’s actions? In a recent

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The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-vegan World

Myths of Choice

Why People Won't Change & What You Can Do About It


How To Say What Needs To Be Said, When and How

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What help is available for vegans?

Several options exist to help you get unstuck.

  1. FREE 3-Day Vystopia Recovery Masterclasses:

    These live events comprise three 1-hour classes run over consecutive days. In these events you will discover my strategies for becoming a happy, confident and influential vegan. CLICK here for details of the next live event.

  2. 1:1 Coaching/Psychological Counselling Packages

    I work 1:1 with individuals around the world to work through their challenges. Many of these challenges relate specifically to being vegan but not necessarily. Many need to work through more general issues related to relationships, work, self-esteem, family, past experiences etc.

    Most prefer to see a vegan psychologist because their difficulties take place within the experience of vystopia. All individual work comprises 1:1 sessions, online training programs and materials to accelerate your progress.

    Use the form below to book a call to discuss if this option is right for you. It may be preferable for you to join the 3-Day Vystopia Recovery Masterclass first.

Contact Clare

Hi, I’m Clare Mann,
I’m a vegan psychologist, communications skills trainer and the author of several books, including Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non Vegan World.

I became vegan 16 years ago, after realising 30 years of vegetarianism was totally inadequate if I wanted to do everything possible to not use or exploit animals.

The skills I have acquired through a successful career as an organisational psychologist, university lecturer and speaker,are now applied to help vegans become confident, hopeful vegan conversationalists who are ushering in a kinder vegan world.

Having lived with the Burden of Knowing vegans are so familiar with, I stood up to the medical world that diminishes our anguish as unnecessary. I therefore coined the phrase Vystopia and now help vegans all over the world develop powerful ways to become vegan change makers.