The Sound of Freedom and the Roots of Violence

Having worked as a psychologist for over 30 years in psychiatry, homicide and private practice, I continue to discover hidden levels of violence and abuse that shocks me.

What is it that enables some people to overcome abuse, while others become trapped and unable to overcome the consequences of other people’s actions?

In a recent podcast about child-trafficking with Tim Ballard, a former hedge fund manager, I considered parallels with other abuses.

In the interview, Tim Ballard was asked, “What is the cause of this horrible abuse of the most vulnerable, such as children?” His reply was that the abusers had themselves been subjected to similar violence and were perpetuating the cycle.

I know this in the therapy room, when I am working with victims of victims. We are living in a world where violence is normalised and seen as a necessary part of life.

In this short recording, Dr Will Tuttle, Dr Armaiti May, Doug Leith, and myself explore the hidden roots of child violence.

We explore how, if we focus on stopping one area of violence whilst we’re unwittingly involved in another, we will never have freedom, peace and liberation.

We will examine the interconnections between the hidden roots of child trafficking and—most importantly—how we can be part of the solution.

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