Is there such a thing as an ex-vegan?

When someone discovers the extent of animal abuse in society and no longer wants to contribute to it, they become vegan. One of the behaviours arising from this philosophical position is that they stop eating, wearing or using animals for entertainment, medical or other pusposes. Many people suffer from vystopia and every day they feel the deep anguish of what they know is happening to animals, much of which is behind closed doors or away from sight.

So how is it possible for someone who has discovered such atrocities to return to a lifestyle that supports the very industries that perpetuate animal exploitation?

In this podcast, Clare Mann joins George Martin of Carnism Debunked to explore the psychology of the ex-vegan. Check it out and decide for yourself whether it’s possible to become an ex-vegan or whether it’s impossible and those who say they are ex-vegans were merely following a plant-based diet or joining what they thought was a trendy movement or the latest thing.

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