The Power of Action: From Vystopia to Positive Action for Change

  • Are you angry and frustrated that animal liberation isn’t coming about fast enough?
  • Do you look around and wonder if you will ever see a vegan world?
  • Do you want to turn your anguish of knowing what happens to animals, into powerful action for change?

In this 1.5 hr workshop, Clare Mann joins Michelle Granberg and Pete Reimann of Animal Activism Mentorship (AAM) to provide tools and techniques to turn your vystopia into a positive force for animals. By the end of this workshop, you will feel more inspired to take action in your area, using your skills and knowledge.

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Animal Activism Mentorship (AAM) is a global platform linking mentors and activists who want to get more active and play their part in achieving animal liberation. Whether you are an experienced activist who can help others develop the skills and confidence to be more active, or whether you need more training and guidance of how best to advocate, AAM will help you achieve your goal.

Check out their website for training and updates on the success activists all over the world are having by becoming active: