The Importance of Bearing Witness in Animal Activism

Have you ever wondered if vigils and “bearing witness” to the suffering of animals on their way to the slaughterhouse is really making a difference?  Does it help the animals who are just about to lose their lives or having no benefit other than traumatising activists further?   These questions and more are explored in this webinar by Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann and Jayson Simon who regularly organises vigils.

Jason has been a proud vegan for almost 5 years and a dedicated animal rights activist for almost 2 years. From humble beginnings at early Earthlings Experience demonstrations, he became a key member of Sydney Bird Save and Sydney Pig Save organising vigils and mobilising activists to bear witness. He currently helps manage Sydney Fish Save and Sydney Animals in Laboratories Save and is a valued member of The Animal Project Legion DX Sydney and Animal Justice Party NSW.

CLICK below to watch the 60-min recording of this webinar and be inspired by how vigils are a crucial part of the animal social justice movement.

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