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Become a Vegan Conversation Expert in 5 Minutes a Day!


Communication is challenging when people resist, criticise or require data to back up your claims. Proven tools to influence others.

30 Day Program

5 mins a day for 30 days to develop your communication. Option to unlock app and fast-track your learning.


Training accelerates your ability to convey complex issues and handle strong emotions.

Read, Watch & Listen

Each day focuses on a communication challenge and solution. Read the outline, digest video and add Tip of the Day to your communication toolbox.


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Day by Day Training

After starting the course, you can watch Day 1 of the Training. Then, 24 hours after you begin, Day 2 will unlock and so on until you have completed all 30 days. If you wish to consume the material quicker, you can unlock the app in one go for a small cost.

Video Lessons

For 30 days, you receive a short video focusing on a typical vegan question or challenge, together with tips and techniques to respond calmly and confidently. By the end of 30 days, your confidence and ability to speak out with conviction and presence, will have dramatically improved.


Clare Mann is a psychologist, author and passionate animal advocate and ethical vegan. She is applying her expertise and communication training to make it easier for vegans to share the philosophy of veganism by providing proven tools and techniques to have even the most difficult of vegan conversation.

With Vegan Voices, communication becomes your strength, so every conversation, even the most difficult one, becomes a breeze.

Frequently asked questions

This course was originally released as an App for Andrioid and IOS phones. We have since discontinued development on this and now only offer the online version.

Each video contains proven tools and language to improve your ability to talk about veganism. You are encouraged to watch a video and read the short overview before each video. Then read the TIP that outlines the actual generalizable skill to the specific issue discussed or ones similar. The more you practice and apply the skills, the sooner you will become more comfortable talking about all aspects of veganism and be a proficient Vegan Voice.

The training can be used by new vegans who have little experience of talking to other people about veganism or those who have been vegan for a long time. The longer you are a vegan, the more time you will have to acquire information and resources to have conversations more easily. However, the majority of vegans find it enormously difficult to calmly communicate veganism when they are feeling emotional about the content or when other people ridicule, criticise or undermine the vegan. Thus, acquiring some proven skills to have difficult conversations across multiple situations is valuable for vegans, wherever they are on the journey.

The 30 days of communication training on Vegan Voices is presented by Clare Mann.

No, Clare Mann features in each of the thirty training videos providing and demonstrating the use of powerful communication techniques to help you communicate veganism. There links to videos in the Resources Sections that contain graphic imagery and before opening them you will be advised that their rating is the Sledgehammer. You can also read the description which will indicate what it contains and whether you wish to access that material. The intention of Vegan Voices Resources is not to upset people but provide vegans with the materials to support them in being the best voice for veganism.

When you start the course, you will be able to see the thirty topics of video training although you will not be able to access a video until it has been unlocked on a specific day after initial download or you have paid a small fee to access the entire training. Topics relate to particular questions facing vegans e.g.

  • How do I handle dinner invites when other people are eating meat?
  • Won’t animals overrun the world if we don’t eat them?
  • Where do you get your protein?
  • What do I say to people who deny animal cruelty?
  • How do I deal with conflict?