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Vystopia and Being Nice to Spiders

Ever since the age of four, and watching his dad refuse to kill spiders, station manager Gerry Edwards of UK Panda radio station felt something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. However, when he read the definition of Vystopia, he was really pleased to know that he wasn’t alone. In this 7-minute radio

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I lost friends when I became vegan – Now I’m a lot happier

Vegans vary enormously when it comes to maintaining relationships with non-vegan friends and intimate partners. Research into the key challenges facing vegans on this journey is explored under “What Used to Work doesn’t – Relationships with Non-Vegans” in Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in Non-Vegan World (Mann 2018). Vegan journalist Mitchell Jordan shares a

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Veganism is Growing but Why are Vegans so Preachy?

Vegans are often criticised for being preachy and wanting to tell other people what to do. Why can’t they leave people alone and get on with their own lives? In this 5-minute interview on the UK’s BBC Radio 5 Live, Clare Mann responds to this question and invites the interviewer to re-think her definition of

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Is There Such a Thing as Vegan Depression?

Over the years, clients have visited me with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Despite many discussing what they think might contribute to this, the majority of people struggle to alleviate their symptoms and are unaware of the real causes of their distress. However, vegans know specifically what is causing their distress; Knowing about the systematised

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