World Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom

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Many vegans tell me that they’ve been ridiculed or dismissed for being vegan in a world that isn’t. Why is it that people ridicule or undermine those who don’t share the views of the majority?

There are many reasons for this, some due to individual trauma and I believe it’s often because the person ridiculing feels inadequate or self-conscious when faced with views different from their own.

When someone undermines someone else, it contracts their world view and potential to learn something new. For the person dismissed, they have choices too. They can stand in the power of what they know to be true for themselves or they can choose to be offended and withdraw.

We are living in times when it’s all too easy to dismiss and undermine others, without exploring new ideas with open minds. Cancelling and de-platforming within the community itself has become the norm, inhibiting collaboration and doing what's necessary to create a vegan world.

When I defined Vystopia, I highlighted that if we didn’t know what was happening to animals when it was hidden in plain sight, then we must always ask, “What else don’t we know?”

I'm delighted to collaborate with people who keep asking questions and who have come together for The Worldwide Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom.

Click Here for 3 Day Free Pass

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