Comunication Training
Become a Vegan Conversation Expert in 5 Minutes a Day!

Do you:

• Find it challenging when people resist, criticise or ridicule veganism?
• Become emotional when talking about animal cruelty?
• Know you could be more influential in helping people change?
• Become tongue-tied when asked for facts to back up your claims?
• Wish you had facts and figures to hand to support your arguments?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, Vegan Voices Communication Training will make you a Vegan Conversation Expert in less than 5 minutes a day!

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Video Lessons

You'll receive a short video focusing on a typical vegan question or challenge, together with tips and techniques to respond calmly and confidently. By the end of the 30 lessons, your confidence and ability to speak out with conviction and presence, will have dramatically improved.

Day by Day Training

After registering for the course, you can watch lesson 1 of the training/ Then, 24 hours after you begin, lesson 2 will unlock and so on until you have completed all 30 lessons. If you wish to consume the material more quickly, you can unlock the course in one go for a small cost.

Skills Development

Learn how to reply to typical questions with ease and confidence:

  • Surely animals will over-run the world if we don't eat them?
  • Isn't veganism like a cult telling everyone how to live their lives?
  • If things were so bad for animals, surely the government would intervene?
  • Don't tell me what to do;  I  have the right to choose what to eat?
  • Why are you so difficult and won't come to the restaurants we've always gone to?

With Vegan Voices, communication becomes your strength, so every conversation, even the most difficult one, becomes a breeze.