How to Create Great Relationships Even If You’ve Struggled In The Past

Each of us face different challenges when it comes to relationships. You may be looking for a partner, or be struggling with someone you love because they don’t share your passion about veganism. You may feel desperate that your otherwise loving and supportive family still contribute to animal cruelty. Maybe your biggest challenge is no longer enjoying your work, because what used to be important to you no longer is.

Whatever your situation, the common theme is that our lives take place through relationships. It’s unlikely you will be able to change other people but you can improve your interactions with others

Through this course, you’ll:

Self Paced

After completing Introduction, choose which area of relationships to focus on.

Video Content

5 – 10 lessons in each of the 4 modules.  Each video lasts 2 – 8 mins.


Quizzes and review questions in each lesson to assist learning.

Intimate Relationships

Do you:

Family Relationships

Do you:

Workplace Relationships

Do you:

Bonus for Vegans

As vegans, we face a whole new set of challenges in our relationships with non-vegans. Our vystopia runs deep when we see otherwise good people contributing to animal suffering, or when we’re being told that we’re preachy and difficult. The skills learnt in this course will equip you with powerful skills to improve all your relationships. By signing up, you can also access a webinar that will focus specifically on how you can apply these skills to typical challenges in your relationships. So if you:

This 60-minute bonus webinar will help you to apply your new communication skills to ensure better results from your relationships with non-vegans.

Through role-play exercises based on real-life challenges submitted by students on the program, these webinars will increase your confidence and communication skills, improve your relationships with non-vegans, and bring them one step closer to veganism through every conversation you have.

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Clare Mann is a psychologist, communications trainer and author. She is applying her expertise gathered over thirty years to make it easier for people to have better relationships in all aspects of their lives. She provides tools and techniques to have the most difficult of conversations and in doing so, improve the quality of all your relationships.


There are three modules in the course comprising between six and eight lessons in each module. Each lesson comprises a short video with captions and a written transcript so you can digest the material in a way that best suits your style of learning.

After each lesson, there are review questions to complete to review your understanding and application of the material.

No. The quality of your relationships is directly related to the quality of your communication – with yourself and others. Everything you do in life involves relationships with other people, all of whom have their own expectations, beliefs and values. Therefore, investment in understanding yourself and others will always improve the satisfaction and ease you experience with others.

The course provides tools and techniques to help you with the specific challenges faced in different types of relationships. Whilst it doesn’t address specific challenges of being in relationships with non-vegans, the skills you will learn are directly applicable to resolving conflict and empowering you to address difficult issues that arise when respective values are different. Because vegans do experience specific challenges in their relationships with non-vegans, there will be a focused webinar on this topic to show how applying learning from the program can be used to get better outcomes from relationships and conversations with non-vegans.

Videos are between 2 – 8 mins long.  They are deliberately short so you can grasp the concept(s) described and understand them within the context of your own unique circumstances.

Each video contains proven tools and techniques to improve the quality of your relationships. You are encouraged to watch each video and reflect on its relevance to your specific situation or challenges. You must complete the review questions under each lesson in order to progress to the next lesson. The more you practice and apply the skills, the sooner you will become more comfortable making changes within yourself or in your interactions with others.


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