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Vystopia Transformation

Harness the power of vystopia and become a happy, confident and influential vegan change maker.

Why can’t you make people change?

What if I told you that the best conversation techniques on the planet alone are not enough to influence others to become vegan?

Some of our most powerful vegan communicators understand the psychology of beliefs and use effective communication skills. Yet vegan existential coaches apply a missing ingredient essential to break through the resistance to change.

If you want to discover and embody those essential missing ingredients, then Vystopia Transformation is a personal development journey that will empower you as a vegan.

This is for you if you:

Here’s what you need to shift your Vystopia from anguish to Empowerment, Impact and Ease

An integrated personal transformation process comprising self-empowerment strategies and communication mastery practiced and experienced within a small group setting.

An experiential coaching program focusing on all pieces required for vystopia recovery, lasting change in yourself, others and society.

What's Included

An integrated system of personal development training over 12 weeks:

  • Training System Modules.
  • Weekly live group coaching calls
  • Weekly Live Q & A Sessions
  • Developing Resilience Program
  • Live small-group practice sessions.
  • Skills for Conversations that Matter Toolkit
  • Myths of Choice: Why People Won’t Change and What You Can Do About It.

By the end of this program, you will :

  • Be confident knowing you have the tools to speak out for veganism.
  • Turn your anxiety and anguish into powerful ways to effect change.
  • Become happier, more at ease, knowing you are resourced to face each day.
  • Dramatically improve your relationships with non-vegan family and friends.
  • Become more creative in your outreach and everyday conversations.
  • Feel more purposeful, hopeful with ideas to deal with non-vegan resistance.
  • Understand more about how beliefs are formed and have powerful tools to break through the trance of wilful ignorance.
  • Feel more hopeful knowing that people do care; you have to expand their window of compassion with fully-engaged conversations that matter
  • Once and for all, have recovered from vystopia and become a potent voice for animals and a kinder world.

Hi, I’m Clare Mann,
I’m a vegan psychologist, communications skills trainer and the author of several books, including Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non Vegan World.

I became vegan 16 years ago, after realising 30 years of vegetarianism was totally inadequate if I wanted to do everything possible to not use or exploit animals.

The skills I have acquired through a successful career as an organisational psychologist, university lecturer and speaker,are now applied to help vegans become confident, hopeful vegan conversationalists who are ushering in a kinder vegan world.

Having lived with the Burden of Knowing vegans are so familiar with, I stood up to the medical world that diminishes our anguish as unnecessary. I therefore coined the phrase Vystopia and now help vegans all over the world develop powerful ways to become vegan change makers.

What People Say

"In expressing the heartfelt thoughts and feelings of vegans with respect to their relationships with the non vegan world, Clare helps vegans feel unequivocally understood and validated. Sharing insightful examples from her extensive and varied professional experience, Clare provides effective tools, techniques and resources to empower and elevate vegans in a myriad of ways. "

“Most people think the most challenging thing about being vegan is the food, but actually the food is easy! The hard part is realising how much unnecessary violence is inflicted on innocent beings and when you tell people, they won’t hear it. They definitely won’t want to see it. Thankfully, Clare’s work helps us navigate through the challenges to find happiness as vegans in a not-yet vegan world!”

By identifying eight myths that commonly shape our lives – such as the myth that we are not good enough or the myth that we should follow a moral code decreed by others, Clare has created a valuable roadmap to challenging assumptions and recognising why others are so reluctant to embrace new ideas and behaviours.

Clare is an engaging presenter, facilitator and listener, willing to share her wealth of knowledge and experience in an environment where I continually learn about my methods of conversations, communication and collaboration.

Clare has a grace about her that makes the participants feel welcome and engaged immediately. She is an incredible communicator herself which comes through especially when she does role playing exercises. I’ve benefited greatly from attending Clare's workshops and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve on their communication.

Clare is highly inspirational, passionate and driven to get her message out into the world. She is a dedicated individual who is focused on the success of others. I find Clare a highly experienced mentor and coach. Her style is direct, thought provoking, warm and nurturing, at the same time giving you the gentle 'kick up the b....' we need to get into action on our plans to improve, learn and thrive. If you are on the fence about working with Clare, I say 'Go for it!!!' as you will be taken on a very pleasant journey you don't want to miss! THANK YOU, Clare, for sharing your beautiful energy and gifts with all of us.

"The concept of Vystopia is a brilliant summary of the second-hand suffering endured by those with the courage to see the first-hand suffering of animals for what is: institutionalized sadism on a global scale. We must wake up the world to its own cruelty and Clare’s work offers the roadmaps."

"Clare has an uncanny ability to find the underlying patterns and behaviours in people, that she then uses to remove the barriers towards a more compassionate world. She now passes on this knowledge, breaking it down into actionable steps to give us the tools to communicate effectively with a traditional society stuck in their ways."

Having attended some of Clare’s workshops, I have found her an excellent presenter and communicator. I have seen her present to different groups - young professionals, women’s networks and mixed groups. With her warm and welcoming manner, she is able to relate and engage with her audience whilst encouraging participation and ensuring you leave with valuable insights and knowledge.

I have learned so much about myself through an active and enjoyable journey with Clare, not only from 1-1 coaching but also as I've applied and reflected on the techniques from her workshops, modules and books over time. Clare is a master of communication.

Clare Mann is a Neuroleadership expert whose interventions are underpinned by existential principles. She has an innate ability to awaken and activate human potential in all aspects of a person's life. She empowers you to master the art of communication beyond just words, expressions and emotions. It is how she combines the tools and techniques to break through your internal dialogue, beliefs and behaviours that will elevate you to achieve peak performance and potential. She helped me conquer the challenges I experienced on my journey.