Skills for Conversations That Matter Workshop

Do you:

  • Struggle to have difficult conversations with other people about veganism?
  • Want to be taken seriously and have greater influence on others?
  • Wonder why you get along with some people and not others?
  • Find it hard to say no, instead giving in when the pressure is on?
  • Want to improve the quality of your communication?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then Skills for Conversations that Matter will teach you how to improve the quality of your communication with other people, whatever the topic. Workshops are held in person in various cities in Australia but also online.

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In this comprehensive and interactive workshop, Clare will teach you what usually goes on in the minds of others and why probably 90% of your difficult conversations end badly.

She will show you what it takes to understand other people better, why misunderstandings occur and specific skills to ensure you communicate with ease and impact on all subjects, especially veganism.

She will show you how to truly engage with another person, understand them better, adjust your message appropriately and take back your power to be heard.

After this powerful session, you will know:

  • What you unconsciously do that’s causing misunderstanding.
  • The language and angle to get your message across effectively.
  • How to apply 7 key listening skills to understand the other person better
  • A key skill to say no and be taken seriously.
  • Become more confident when talking about veganism.

Practical skills and strategies to help you communicate with impact