Why do people feel attacked when you offer them something new?

The Myth That You Can't Change

'You are fixed and certain in your being and earlier choices negate future change.'
Example from Book

On several occasions I have asked people, ‘What would you do if you won five million dollars?’ The answers in terms of achieving goals and realising dreams are as varied as the people answering.

Here are some typical responses.

  • I would immediately have more time
  • I would give up my job
  • I wouldn’t feel so tired all the time because I would buy in lots of help
  • I would travel and see the world
  • I would do full-time environmental and animal activism
  • I could do anything I wanted to do – wow!

For me, five million dollars wouldn’t enable me to buy anything I want that I couldn’t buy now. This is not because I have already acquired such wealth, altruism or hold particular socialist values, but comes from a real feeling that anything I want is attainable now. I would still choose to spend time with other animal rights campaigners and have conversations about how to create a kinder world. I wouldn’t change the partner I live with now or the direction of my life. Whilst budgeting might play a different role in my life, I have never been a person whose increase in income immediately matches an increase in spending. With five million dollars I might decide to live by the sea, or would I? If I really wanted to do that I could do it now as I work a lot from home. However nice a place by the sea might be, I would still want that same group of like-minded people around me to enjoy the experience.

Ask yourself the question, ‘What would I do if I won five million dollars?’ Your answer may provide you with valuable insight into the dreams and desires you have which you only uncover in the belief that they are not attainable because you don’t have five million dollars!

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