How people’s self image is challenged when asked to change

The Identity Myth

'You’re not good enough as you are, or, fitting in with others’ expectations will bring you happiness.'
Example from Book

Think of something you do that you can honestly say isn’t done with 100% commitment and choice. It may be something you do at work or at home. It may be visiting relatives or shopping with your spouse or drinking with work colleagues on a Friday night.

Write as much detail as possible:

  • how often you do it, how long it takes, how long you have been doing it.
  • What are the actual benefits of doing it?
  • Now write the reasons you give yourself and others for doing it.
  • Outline the actual cost of continuing to do it. This can be expressed in financial terms but also in emotional, health or psychological terms.
  • What would happen if you no longer did it?
  • What are the real reasons that you continue to do it?

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