"Why People Won't Change and What You Can Do About It"

Animals are suffering, the Amazon is burning, people are sick and the environment is being destroyed. The imperative of veganism is more crucial than ever before.

Yet how can we break people out of the trance of their apathy?

In this new interview series, LEARN why people cling so strongly to their existing beliefs and behaviours and what you can do about it.

Initial Interviews With:

Marilyn Kroplick MD
Marilyn Kroplick MDPsychiatrist and President of In Defense of Animals
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Natasha and Luca
Natasha and LucaThat Vegan Couple
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Michael Klaper MD
Michael Klaper MDfeatured in “What the Health” documentary
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Tao de Haas
Tao de HaasSocial Ecologist
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Lynda Stoner
Lynda StonerCEO of Animal Liberation NSW, Australia
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Mark Hawthorne
Mark HawthorneAnimal Rights Author
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with more to follow...

Many of these contributors have been working in animal rights for decades, others creating novel ways to help advocates become more influential.  All of them are committed to creating a vegan world.  

SUBMIT your questions so we can focus these interviews on helping you:

  • Understand the nature of people’s resistance.
  • Acquire techniques to break through the trance.
  • Become more confident in your advocacy.
  • Learn new tools to get people to change.
  • Become hopeful that the future’s vegan.

What specific question(s) do you want answered?

e.g. How can I get my family to watch Dominion?
How can I wake people up to how their food choices contribute to species extinction?

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You’ll be advised when the interview series starts in March 2020.

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