Discussion Guidelines

We want VeganPsychologist.com to be a place for intelligent discussion. By posting, you’ll be contributing to the discussion. Follow these guidelines to help keep things on track.

In brief

  • Don’t attack people and don’t respond to attacks – report them and move on
  • Keep your posts on topic and constructive
  • Take responsibility for the quality of the conversations you take part in
  • Above all, respect others and their opinions.

Be you

We require real names: they help us maintain a transparent forum. We reserve the right to delete comments made under aliases.

Be considerate

We’re here to talk about ideas, not the people behind them.

We’ll delete: personal attacks directed at anyone; all forms of discrimination (or posts that could be interpreted as such); posts we believe exist only to provoke or mislead; posts identifying or sharing the personal information of another person (including children) without their consent; and comments that are commercial.

Be respectful

Treat people with the respect you’d like to receive.

Be legal

Don’t post anything that may put us or you in legal jeopardy – nothing defamatory, nothing in breach of copyright.

Be proactive

Take responsibility for the quality of the conversations you participate in; only reply to things you consider worth your attention.

What we’ll do

We reserve the right to remove comments that breach these standards and remove accounts of commenters who breach them repeatedly.

Replies to comments that have been deleted may themselves be deleted, either to remove the thread or because they don’t make sense out of context. Comments may be closed if these standards aren’t met.