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Do Vegans Really Suffer from Vystopia?

Alex Baier is an animal rights activist in the US who takes every opportunity to speak out for animals. When he’s not taking to the streets showing video footage to the public, or joining a vigil, he interviews people all over the world on his channel Abolition Alex about how we can act every day to bring about animal liberation.
In this episode, he explores with Clare Mann what’s really behind the anguish of being vegan and how we can overcome our vystopia through massive action for change. Topics include managing non-vegan doctors and the psychology of veganism.


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Handling Being The Only Sane Person In The Room

From conspiracy theorists to extreme polarisation to dealing with Crazy Uncle Dave, sit back and enjoy a far-ranging conversation between the host of The Other Animals Radio Show and Clare Mann who explore living with and among those who haven't yet come to terms with their own cognitive dissonance! The discussion offers creative and insightful tips that you'll be able to use when faced with the most difficult of conversation with non-vegans.

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Travel that Helps or Hinders the Vegan

For most people these days, travel seems like something we used to do and yet the challenge facing vegans just leaving their homes, often triggers vystopia. However, many people do travel for their work or pleasure and it’s worth preparing for the challenges facing vegans in this not-yet vegan world.

In this episode on the World Vegan Travel Podcast, I explore what you can do to cope with vystopia when travelling, whether near or far, and how to travel with non-vegans who have yet to open their eyes to the ubiquitous nature of animal exploitation.

I hope this leaves you feeling more confident navigating this not-yet vegan world and hopeful travel offers opportunities to advocate for veganism in meaningful ways.

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