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How to navigate everyday relationships as vegans and animal rights advocates

Thrive Vegan World is a UK-based podcast hosted by Wendy McGovern exploring how we build the vegan world we want to see, one plant-based brick at a time. It’s all about empowering individuals to live their best life and be the inspiration for others and build a strong, supportive community. Their mission is to progress towards a world where non-human animals' rights to an autonomous life are fully acknowledged and respected.

In this interview, Wendy McGovern and Clare Mann, discuss how as vegans and animal advocates we can improve all our relationships including: -

  • The one with ourselves - the importance of self care and community.
  • With our fellow animals - how to relate more respectfully, and why 'love' may. not be the best focus of our advocacy.
  • With other vegans - discoursing on difficult issues without the toxicity that is rife on social media.
  • With non-vegans - being effective advocates and finding empathy for those we see as complicit in the oppression we stand against.

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Embracing a Wider Definition of Veganism to include Humans

Since March 2020 I have been running a series of webinars entitled, Second Stage Vystopia: What Else Don’t We Know with Mark Doneddu (founder of World Vegan Day Melbourne and President of Veg Vic Australia).

We recently pre-recorded an interview with Derrick Broze of the Conscious Resistance Network. Derrick is a freelance investigative journalist, documentary film maker, author, and public speaker who seeks to expose corruption, find solutions to the problems that affect all humanity, and promote localisation and decentralisation.

Derrick is a vegan and his focus is on exposing the wider application of non-violence towards others. He explains how we can use this in all areas of our lives—our health, relationships, politics, and society—in order to create a world in which we all wish to belong.

In this 60-min conversation, we cover:

  • Polarisation and division in the vegan community;
  • The cost of focusing on one area of liberation whilst ignoring the bigger picture;
  • A brief history of oppression and how 2020 events are furtherance of a model that is millennia-old.;
  • How Agorism and Freedom Cells can help us prepare for the imminent changes that intend to reduce our freedoms even further.

Both Mark and I finished this interview feeling hopeful and inspired that current world events are actually inviting us to embrace a wider definition of veganism to include humans. This might sound obvious, but the non-aggression principle of Agorism  invites vegans to extend their compassion to all humans, and encourages non-vegans to include animals in all aspects of the non-initiation of violence.

If you are ready to play your part in the solution to truly create animal and human liberation, it’s worth exploring Agorism and the non-initiation of force in more depth. It is a completely different way of thinking and acting, to break away from the millennia-long oppression that continues to cause animal and human slavery.

Below is a sample of the interview. For the full interview and others in the series, visit

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