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Why Do People React So Strongly When We Raise Veganism?

In a world where there seems to be so much conflict and veganism offers the basis for not contributing to the violence, why do people react so strongly when we talk about veganism? This topic and a wide range of what it is to be vegan (and remain strong and sane) in a non-vegan world is explored on this podcast Your Vegan Friend Tonia.

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Climate Psychologist Paula Richter and Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann on Vystopia

Minal Parekh Nygårds is the host of the a Sweden-based podcast covering business, news, society, trends and much more - from a vegan perspective.

In this episode she interviews Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann and Paula Richter, a psychologist from Sweden working as Climate Psychologist. Both are vegans and are experienced working with people suffering from the anxiety and frustration vegans often feel living in a non-vegan world. They explore the mental stress that vegans and especially vegan activists can feel and how to deal with it. As well as how to communicate more effectively to get better outcomes.


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