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Vegan Danielle, Myths of Choice and Influencing People to Change

Vegan Danielle is a San Diego based podcast host who explores how we can become our best by being leaders about what matters. Danielle is an animal activist who, in her endeavour to find out how to wake people to the imperative of veganism explores ways to be more effective in our advocacy.

In this podcast Episode No 94 with Clare Mann, she discusses Clare’s book, Myths of Choice: Why People Won’t Change and What You Can Do About It. They get behind the psychology of change, the hidden personal, social and cultural assumptions that keep us from changing and how vegans can become expert communicators of the ethical imperative of veganism. It includes tips on how to navigate the holidays when your family and friends are eating animals and your heart is breaking.

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Consciously Clueless and How It Implores Us To Ask, “What Else Don’t We Know?”

Carly Puch, host of the Consciously Clueless podcast explores the space in between knowing it all and knowing absolutely nothing. It’s a space to explore all the things that come on the journey from cluelessness to consciousness and back around again. Through conversations about health, wellness, movement, the environment, plant-based living, social justice and all their intersections she shows that change doesn't have to be perfect but it can be conscious. She interviews people around the world to learn how taking care of ourselves can help us better take care of the world!

In this interview between Clare Mann and Carly Puch, we explore how to remain open-minded, take action on what we discover and continuously ponder the big questions of life.


Consciously Carly podcast  2020

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