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Our Hen House – Art in Activism and Why People Won’t Change and What We Can We Do About It

Two vegan psychologists explore creative ways in which we can usher in a vegan world, in this series on the US-based podcast Our Hen House. First up is psychologist Linda Brant about her recent project, Monument To Animals We Do Not Mourn. She talks about the creation of the project and some of the beautiful symbolism she incorporated into it and the role of art in activism.

Then Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann explains the theory of “life myths” and how understanding how myths limit our own growth and open-mindedness, can be used to break through the trance of people’s resistance to veganism.

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How Vegans can Create Empowering Habits

Herbivore Health Live is a UK-based platform which educates people about living vibrantly as a vegan. In this podcast, Clare Mann, togetehr with the hosts Jonny and Jenny, explore what it takes to create empowering habits that underpin all success and conscious intentions. It includes a discussion on how lessons from neuroscience help us to “re-program” ourselves and bring into consciousness those counter-intentions that keep us from changing.

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Finding Peace in a Time of Chaos

Webinar Recording: Finding Peace in a Time of Chaos

Dr Will Tuttle (World Peace Diet) and myself held a 60-min live webinar to explore the deeper meanings behind the chaos that people are experiencing globally in 2020.

Although our time was short, we were able to explore ways in which we can create a greater sense of internal safety and hope in order to be part of the solution. We shared a number of insights, techniques and attitudes we can practice to remain calm and communicate  more effectively with fellow vegans who may be struggling as well.

Check out Dr Will Tuttles’s website for World Peace Diet training, articles and videos:


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