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From Surviving to Thriving – Tools for living expansively in a non-vegan world

Where are you in your vegan journey?  Are you a new vegan who excitedly wants to share veganism but feel thwarted by those who ridicule you, think you’re odd or who show no real interest?  Have you become aware of animal cruelty and are outraged when others don’t become vegan when you tell them about it?  Are you experiencing improved health and wellbeing and yet feel alienated from those who prefer to overconsume and concentrate only on their own personal interests? In short, are you surviving or are you thriving, feeling part of this new era of veganism with all its benefits for people, animals and planet?

The number of people adopting a vegan lifestyle is growing across the world, so is awareness of it by those who wish to resist, ridicule and criticise those who choose this lifestyle, understanding little of the philosophical basis underpinning this lifestyle.  How do you become part of this social justice movement and also enjoy your journey so it underpins your life, rather than feeling your energy is spent defending yourself and countering attacks?  In short, how do you learn to thrive?

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